This is the rather outdated list of implementations of Perl 6 as of 2011

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Original List with updated notices

There is no official or reference Perl 6 implementation, as exists with Perl 5. Instead, there is a language specification that began with Apocalypses and evolved through Exegeses and Synopses. Recently, the test suite is what actually defines the language properly. The Synopses and test suite continuously evolve together. Even though only one compiler is currently actively being developed, Larry Wall has clarified that anything that passes the test suite is Perl 6. With the feedback gained from the implementations, the Synopses and the test suite that forms the language specification are evolving. This page is about the various partial implementations that exist, which can parse and execute Perl 6. Virtual machines and runloops are excluded because they do not deal with Perl 6 source code.

Historical Implementations are definitely closed projects.