Herbert Breunung

CPAN & IRC: lichtkind , elsewhere: [sir_]lichtkind

Perlmonk with Czech and German genetic origins and a lot of interests. Mostly recognized in the Perl world for his GUI text editor Kephra. He began to be CPAN author with Perl6::Doc. Read more about the work on both projects and other Perl 5 related stuff in his first Blog.

He is active member of the german Perl-Community.de and writes for the german $foo magazine, mostly about Perl 6 and WxPerl. Currently is an article about Rakudo * for german heise online in preparation and also a small article about Perl 6 in the Perlzeitung

He and mberends++ did a major {reorganization, update, and cleanup} of this wiki. His main aim in this wiki is the Perl 6 Tutorial and the Perl 6 Tablets, which are translations of some of his work at the german perl-community.de wiki. He still maintains the "category: programming language Perl" in the german wikipedia, wrote a WikiBook and is editor of the DMOZ category Perl Tutorials and FAQ. Herbert is an early (if not the first) adopter (user) of November and also edited the australian Perl Wiki and the WxPerl Wiki. Read about his Perl 6 related stuff on his second Blog