Getting Involved



If you haven't already, Download Perl 6 to prepare.

Hacking on the VM (Parrot)

See the Official Parrot Wiki section on "Contributing to parrot".

The Perl 6 Community Development Server provides free accounts for Perl 6 development.

Reading material for Pugs hackers

Besides these links, the Pugs distribution also provides README, READTHEM and READTOO.

General Perl 6 tasks

A running list of tasks is kept at It's a catch-all list so something on it is bound to match your skill set!

The precursor TASKS list is in the repo. This document is kept for posterity but is not maintained.

A specific test to help with is Smart Linking.

Hacking on Rakudo

Rakudo Hacking - Information for hacking and contributing to Rakudo

Patches for updates to Rakudo should be sent to with [PATCH] in the subject.

You can then see all patches (and others) on Perlbug or just not-yet-applied patches

Perl 6 tasks for Perl 6 programmers

Preludification Candidates discusses parts of Perl 6 that can be written in Perl 6.

There's also plenty to do related to the test suite, which is written in Perl 6. The most urgent need now is test suite refactoring.
See t/TASKS for other work to do there.

You might also be interested to Start Your Own Perl 6 Module, or work one of the existing ones. (You might also want to check out CPAN6.)

Twenty or so of the 99Problems series remain "unsolved" in perl6. Try coding a perl6 solution, express the solution as a test, and add to t/spec/integration/ in the test suite (see test suite refactoring). Use the existing solutions as guidance. If you have a solution, but do not have a comit bit for the pugs repository, try posting the solution on perl6-users list.

Hacking the Perl 6 docs

In general, official docs are stored in docs/Perl6 and docs/Pugs in POD format, and they are fair game to improve directly. The exception is most of the documents in docs/Perl6/Spec which is the official Perl 6 specification. Improvements to the official spec should be suggested to the perl6-language list.

Work on this wiki

See About This Wiki.

Fundraising and networking

Anything reasonable would probably be helpful somewhere.