Note of Deprecation

Feather has been decommissioned some time during 2015. It was replaced by the "p6c" server, the Perl 6 Community server. Find more information about that server on http://p6c.org/ or in the https://github.com/perl6/infrastructure-doc/tree/master/hosts "infrastructure documentation" repository on github.

Old Information

Feather is the name of a previous shared Perl 6 development server. The original machine was sponsored by Convolution, and subsequent hardware upgrades were sponsored by The Perl Foundation, Stichting Perl Promotie Nederland (Dutch Foundation for the Promotion of Perl), and several individual contributors. Convolution continued to sponsor colocation and bandwidth, and basic administration. Software maintenance was mostly done by trusted users with sudo access.

Initially provided because using Pugs and GHC was relatively hard without the help of modern Unix-ish operating systems, feather later became a nexus of all kinds of Perl 6 related activities. It was used for file sharing, e-mail and IRC communication, and testing. Several Perl 6 websites were hosted on feather. Some people used it as their main shell environment for working on Perl 6.

Requesting access to feather

Feather's main goal was supporting Perl 6 development. This was not limited to the Perl 6 language design, but also included work on all the Perl 6 implementations, and Parrot. Modules and programs written in Perl 6 could also have their home on feather, if their authors worked with the Perl 6 community to report and resolve bugs.

Anyone who wanted to work on any of these projects, could request an account by e-mail to Juerd, in which they state at least their full name and why they want access. New accounts were generally created within a few days.


Feather used to be based on the following hardware:


Feather was divided into Xen virtual machines, or "domains". Without further specification, "feather" refers to either the entire machine, or to "feather1", the virtual machine with semi-public shell access.

Virtual machines

Hostname Purpose Operating system Not in use any more
feather0 Xen Domain-0 Debian Not in use any more
feather1 Very diverse Debian Not in use any more
feather2 Stable server platforms, like websites, SVN repositories Debian Not in use any more
feather3 Public eval mechanisms, like runpugs and evalbot Debian Not in use any more

(Feather used 32 bit Linux.)