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The Perl 6 Perlfoundation Wiki is the very outdated perl 6 wiki.

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Wiki 101

This is a very outdated Wiki For Perl 6. Please replace the content of any page with a helpful link to a more up-to-date page. Be Bold! If in doubt, try something out in the Sandbox.

Please feel free to add or modify pages -- even this one -- as you see fit, but before you start editing away, please review the policies and guidelines (in our sister Perl 5 Wiki).

Still feeling confused ? You might want to check out the help section (in our sister Perl 5 Wiki).

What Goes On This Wiki?

This wiki used to be meant to collect all sorts of information on Perl 6. However, it has been left unused for a very long time. It still appears in search engine results, though. That's why pages are now being replaced with links to up-to-date pages to find information on.

What Does Not Go On This Wiki?

Nothing new ought to be put onto this wiki.

Wiki Caretaker Tasks

Do you have a few spare "tuits" to help us update this wiki? Your help would be much appreciated!
Here's a list of things that need to be done:

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