A Guide to the Pugs Repository for Rakudo Hackers

'pugs' is more than the name of a perl 6 implementation, it's also a source
repository with many projects related to perl 6. the pugs repository lives
at http://svn.pugscode.org/. it's very easy to get a commit bit: just ask
on the perl6-users@perl.org or perl6-compilers@perl.org mailing lists, or
in #perl6 on irc.freenode.net.

even as the pugs perl 6 implementation languishes, awaiting ghc improvements
and round tuits, past achievements to its early success continue to benefit
other perl implementations. notably, the pugs test suite is undergoing
review, refactoring, and extension to become the official perl 6 test suite.
recently, the official perl 6 specification (a.k.a. the Synopses) was moved
to the pugs repository, where it can be reviewed and edited by the community.
also, the standard perl 6 grammar lives in the pugs repository. each of these
items is critical to the successful rakudo hacker.

svn 1.5 provides sparse checkouts, which eases retrieving the bits of the pugs
repo relevant to rakudo hackers. to extract the docs, tests, standard grammar,
and other relevant files, run the following subversion commands:

$ svn checkout --depth empty http://svn.pugscode.org/pugs pugs
$ cd pugs
$ svn up --depth empty docs docs/Perl6 src
$ svn up --depth infinity docs/Perl6/Spec src/perl6/ t