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Perl 6
About This Wiki

The Perl 6 Perlfoundation Wiki is the very outdated perl 6 wiki.

  • If you help out with this Wiki, please add yourself to the Perl 6 People (Wiki Contributors) page.
  • Please post any questions about this Wiki (plus notifications of any noteworthy updates you make) to perl.perl6.users. (See section on Perl 6 mailing lists for more information.)
  • Please feel free to add or modify pages — even this one — as you see fit. That's the idea of a Workspace. So please contribute links and information! (See Wiki 101 at bottom of page to get started.)
  • About that $1,000 Perl 6 Wiki prize.

Helpful hints to use this workspace

  • Keep an eye on the Recent Changes page. If you have an RSS reader, click the RSS button and put the feed in your RSS reader.
  • Please be careful when moving things around!! Quite a few underlying links have recently been lost, and nested indents have been flattened.

Wiki 101

  • If you'd like an introductory tour of the Socialtext Workspace, start here.
  • Visit Recent Changes every once in a while to see what's new, and see Socialtext Documentation for tips to use this Workspace.
  • Make links by putting words or phrases in square brackets. Click on Edit This Page to see some examples. Note from wiki novice: If you (or someone else) later changes the title of a page you create this way, you'll need to update the original link too. The Wiki's Recent Changes link will show you the new name, if you forget what it was, or otherwise lose track of your renamed page.

This is a very outdated Wiki For Perl 6. Please replace the content of any page with a helpful link to a more up-to-date page. Be Bold! If in doubt, try something out in the Sandbox.

Please feel free to add or modify pages -- even this one -- as you see fit, but before you start editing away, please review the policies and guidelines (in our sister Perl 5 Wiki).

Still feeling confused ? You might want to check out the help section (in our sister Perl 5 Wiki).

What Goes On This Wiki?

This wiki used to be meant to collect all sorts of information on Perl 6. However, it has been left unused for a very long time. It still appears in search engine results, though. That's why pages are now being replaced with links to up-to-date pages to find information on.

What Does Not Go On This Wiki?

Nothing new ought to be put onto this wiki.

Wiki Caretaker Tasks

Do you have a few spare "tuits" to help us update this wiki? Your help would be much appreciated!
Here's a list of things that need to be done:

  • Check the What's New link near the top of any wiki page to get a list of all recently changed pages that you can peruse. You can help fill in missing pieces, check links, fix typos, add graphics, and so on.
  • Update and expand Glossary of Terms and Jargon entries.
  • Tag pages.
    • Tag pages with minimal content with "stub" so they can be found and worked on later.
  • Expand stub pages.
  • Make people happy by completing work in the Content Wanted page, or at least writing stubs for them.
  • Link to Orphaned pages when appropriate. (Most of these are just leftovers, but sometimes pages show up here because a link to them got lost when a referring page was changed.)

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