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Perl 6
Development Dashboard


The Development Dashboard is designed to answer two questions:

  • What's left to do to release perl6 to CPAN, as in perl-6.0.0.tar.gz?
  • What's been done so far?

We can't answer the question of "When will Perl 6 be done" without knowing what's left to do. This is a start.

In the mean time, here is the current roadmap:

What's left to do (including in-progress work)?

Create a perl6 repository

perl6 is currently in the Parrot repository in languages/perl6/, but needs to become its own repository.


Language definition

Note: This is outside the control of perl6


  • package so that "perl6 foo.pl" (or some close facsimile) works
  • What command-line arguments are there?


  • What is the list of pages that will exist? Will it be the same as for perl5?
  • The Perl 5 Module Perl6::Doc is an atempt to collect and sort user docs.


  • Where do the bugs go? Is the queue set up for it?
  • Do we have just one perl6bug for all of the various implementations, or is each implementation simply need to provide its own?

Other utilities

  • Define what other utilities will be shipped.
    • cpan? cpanp?
    • dprofpp?
      • Will there even be a profiler?
    • corelist?
    • prove? This assumes there's a Test::Harness, no?


  • Update with current names & addresses of people who worked on Perl 6


  • What gets shipped with perl-6.0.0.tar.gz? What modules? What docs? What other programs?
    • May be a converger (gets defined right at the end)


Here are make targets that have to exist:

  • make
  • make test
  • make install

Test suite

  • Refactor suite to match synopsis organization
  • Review all tests for conformance with language specification
  • Verify spec coverage

Embedding tools

  • perl.h

Release perl6

  • Release RC1
  • Release perl6 as perl-6.0.0.tar.gz to CPAN

What's been done so far?

  • Language definition
  • perl6
    • Compiler converted to use Parrot compiler tools
  • Test suite
    • Initial tests in pugs repository


These features/milestones are explicitly not part of the ramp up to p6.0.0. They may happen on their own, but we will not delay the release of p6.0.0 if they have not been reached.

Specifically not part of perl6.0.0

  • Old perl5-specific files & directories
    • Porting/
    • h2pl/
    • Changes5*
  • Anything platform specific
    • README.* specific to platforms
    • epoc/
    • beos/
    • Cross/
    • apollo/
    • cygwin/
    • mint/
    • mpeix/
    • os2/
    • plan9/
    • qnx/
    • symbian
    • uts/
    • vmesa/
    • vms/
    • vos/
    • win32/
    • utils/
      • Except as specified above.

Resources and other documents


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