Once again we are participating in Outreachy, the successor for the Outreach Program for Women. The program will be running from December 6th to March 6th. The application deadline is October 17, 2016.

The main program page contains general information about the program such as the timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and details of the application process.

We would encourage potential interns to start getting involved with their communities and and to start thinking about project ideas now.

Interns are encouraged to come up with their own project ideas. We will, however, but putting together a list of suggestions and possible mentors.

Program Coordinators:

  • Karen Pauley - karen at perlfoundation.org
  • Ya'akov Sloman - yaakov at perlfoundation.org

Project Ideas

Working on Bugzilla

Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License (version 2).

1.1 Project Ideas

A note on terms: BMO is bugzilla.mozilla.org, a fork of Bugzilla 4.2. This is also the bug tracker for the Bugzilla project. Several of these ideas involve taking features from BMO and putting them into Bugzilla ("upstreaming" them).

There are six ideas here. While some of them may seem easier, it is important to note that Bugzilla is a complicated project so these have been chosen carefully to ensure any one of them can be accomplished by the intern.

1.1.1 Search UX Improvements ux

Bugzilla's search UX could use some improvement, particularly the the advanced search page. Currently it is possible to add conditions but not remove them, nor is it possible to re-order search conditions.

Search is a key feature for Bugzilla. It has very powerful search facilities but this power is not exposed to users in an understandable way.

1.1.2 Port ElasticSearch from BMO to Bugzilla perf

BMO has the ability to use ElasticSearch for a majority of searches. Porting this to Bugzilla would be incredibly valuable to the community as it allows incredible search performance on modest hardware.

Optimize Bugzilla's SQL searching capabilities perf

This is not needed if the the elasticsearch code is ported, but is an alternate route to improve search performance on Bugzilla installs.

1.1.3 Port BMO's show_bug page to Bugzilla ux perf

BMO features a drastically different version of the standard "show bug" page called "Bug Modal". This has deep hooks into BMO customizations but it is clean design, and by all means should be the successor UI for Bugzilla.

1.1.4 Reporting UX and New Reports ux

Aside from searching, another strength of bugzilla is reporting. Currently reports are generated server-side using the GD library, mostly simple pie charts and bar graphs. These are very ugly, with bad fonts and poor choices of color.

There is a cottage industry around Bugzilla sites of custom dashboards, charts and graphs. Many users may be better served if Bugzilla were to provide some of these features itself.

1.1.5 Expand Memcached to Cache Bug and Comments perf

Bugzilla has support for Memcached to reduce load on the database. This code supports caching most items from the database, except Bugs and Comments. Adding support for Bugs would be great for performance

1.1.6 CPANification tech_debt

Bugzilla 6.0 will ship with an ExtUtils::MakeMaker Makefile.PL, and can be installed using 'cpanm'. It would be nice to continue this process by allowing Bugzilla to be packaged up and put on the CPAN, and make it possible to install it using any cpan client.

Bugzilla supports extensions, and there are several widely used ones. Distributing these via CPAN would also be ideal.

Mentor Information

For more information about the possibilities and to begin contributing please contact the mentor for this project Dylan Hardison.

Email: dylan@mozilla.com

Twitter: @dylan_hardison

IRC: #bugzilla on irc.mozilla.org


September 12th application period opens
September 12th - October 17th applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it
October 17th application deadline at 7pm UTC
November 8th accepted participants announced on this page at 7pm UTC
December 6th - April 6th internship period

Payments Schedule

Outreachy will be administering the payments of the $5,500 (USD) stipends. In addition, $500 (USD) travel allowance will be available to the interns.

After Before Amount
December 16th January 9th $500 will be sent to participants who have begun their internships by this date
January 27th February 20th $2250 will be sent to participants in good standing with their mentors by this date
March 16th April 10th $2750 will be sent to participants who have successfully completed their internships by this date

The decision about good standing and successful completion will be made by the mentor in consultation with the program coordinators. An intern can request the coordinators to re-review this decision.