Outreach Program for Women


Once again we are participating in the Outreachy, the successor for the Outreach Program for Women. The program will be running from May 25th to August 25th. The application deadline is March 24th 2015.

The main program page contains general information about the program such as the timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and details of the application process.

We would encourage potential interns to start getting involved with their communities and and to start thinking about project ideas now.

Interns are encouraged to come up with their own project ideas. We will, however, but putting together a list of suggestions and possible mentors.

Program Coordinators:

  • Karen Pauley - karen at perlfoundation.org
  • Ya'akov Sloman - yaakov at perlfoundation.org

Project Ideas

Working on Dancer


Dancer is a simple but powerful web application framework for Perl. We have a list of possible tasks that you could take on if you want to work on this project:

Around hooks:

Dancer2 currently depends on "before" hooks in order to stop a request. It creates a non-intuitive sequence of events. Instead, we want to add another type of hooks called "around hooks" which allow to stop a request in a proper sequential order. We could then deprecate the ability to stop a request from a "before" hook.


Creating critic modules for Dancer2 to review the code with static analysis (using the Perl::Critic toolkit) allowing recommendations for upgrading to newer versions of Dancer2 or on deprecated features.

Porting importing plugins from Dancer 1 to Dancer 2:

Dancer has accumulated many plugins. Some of them are quite useful. We would like to port them to Dancer2, the new version of Dancer 1.

Testing suite cleanup and overhaul:

we restructured the testing suite but we haven't finished moving all the existing tests. This is tedious work but with a major profit for the reliability of the code and the project.

Decoupling the Dancer2 application discoverability and making it import-specific:

Dancer2 currently requires its library files (list of routes) to exist in the same directory as the document root. This is a problem for any environment which separates the library files from the document root.

For more information about the possibilities and to begin contributing please contact the mentor for this project: sawyer x - xsawyerx at cpan.org.


March 3rd application period opens
February 17 - March 24 applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it
March 24th application deadline at 7pm UTC
April 27th accepted participants announced on this page at 7pm UTC
May 25 - August 25th internship period

Payments Schedule

Outreachy will be administering the payments of the $5,500 (USD) stipends. In addition, $500 (USD) travel allowance will be available to the interns.

June 2nd $500 will be sent to participants who have begun their internships by this date
July 8th $2250 will be sent to participants in good standing with their mentors by this date
September 1st $2750 will be sent to participants who have successfully completed their internships by this date

The decision about good standing and successful completion will be made by the mentor in consultation with the program coordinators. An intern can request the coordinators to re-review this decision.