The Perl Foundation Grants

Thanks go out to the Perl Community for making TPF grants so successful over the past two years! We've raised over $190,000 since 2000, mainly through the generous contributions of individuals throughout our community. Donors are highlighted on the TPF Fund Status Page

We'd also like to thank those people who have been very supportive with matching donations. Matching challenges have been a successful fund raising tool for several Perl Monger groups, and others, during the year. Both individuals and companies have issued successful matching challenges. Of note, Stonehenge Consulting matched donations of several Perl Monger groups and David Hand generously matched $1500 raised by NY.pm.

We've seen a lot of great work from TPF grant recipients this year. Damian Conway reports that during the course of his grants, he produced 55 releases of 21 distinct modules, wrote several articles, including the Exegeses, and made 56 presentations at conferences and Perl user groups. All this in addition to participating heavily in perl news groups, perlmonks.com, and other online venues.

Dan Sugalski has been hard at work speaking with user groups, writing articles, and hacking Parrot. The interpreter is now functional and working, along with garbage collection, IO, dynamic code loading, and global variables.

Larry Wall continued working on Perl 6 language design as explained in his Apocalypse documents. More details on activities funded through TPF grants are available on the Perl Foundation web site.

Thanks to Larry, Damian, and Dan for all their hard work!.

Over 300 Gather at YAPC '02

Over 300 Perl enthusiasts gathered in St. Louis for the 4th Annual YAPC. Thanks to all, particularly the St. Louis team, who made this a great event! Images and audio interviews are available at: http://www.perl.org/yapc/2002

As in past years, Lightning Talks were a popular event. Adam Turoff and Allison Randal spoke on Perl 6, Andy Lester asked for more civility among the community, and Tim Maher had everyone singing 'The Name Game'.

Nat Torkington debuted his hilarious movie about a young Python programmer among perl folks. View it online at http://www.perl.org/yapc/2002/movies. This movie has been rated R for mature language and mild sexual content. It is a Nathan Torkington production, after all.

Funds Raised at YAPC

At YAPC, The Perl Foundation President Kevin Lenzo kicked off the Foundation's latest fund drive by raising $4000 with an auction of books and other merchandise. Thanks to the publishers, including O'Reilly, Manning and Addison-Wesley, for their book donations!

The people at YAPC bid enthusiastically and when the auction total came $276 short of an even $4000, Tim Maher generously brought the total up. Hot auction items included Sean Burke's new Perl & LWP book, and two 'Stitch' plush dolls brought straight from Disney by Robert Spier.

TPF at OSCON 2002

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and comments both at the TPF booth and at the TPF BOF.

During a special auction at OSCON, TPF raised $1120 through the sale of five signed london.pm shirts, three Disney Stitch dolls, and several Quake III Arena games. Thanks to Robert Spier and Casey West for organizing the event!

YAPC 2003

It's time to put together your proposal to host next year's YAPC. Information on venue requirements is available at: http://www.yapc.org/venue-reqs.txt

© The Perl Foundation, July 2002. Free use and redistribution of this document is encouraged.


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