Wrap-up Report on Patrick Michaud's Mozilla Foundation Perl Foundation Perl 6 development grant

Recently, Patrick Michaud, head of the 'Rakudo' Perl 6 implementation effort on top of the Parrot VM, was awarded the first Hague grant for Perl 6 development. This grant is effectively a follow-up and extension to his highly successful Mozilla Foundation / Perl Foundation grant for Perl 6 development was awarded in November 2007. Patrick wrote an excellent summary of the grant and what it achieved at his use.perl.org journal.

For anyone who is interested in why Patrick is receiving a new grant to continue this work, I highly recommend you read the grant summary for the MoFo/TPF Perl 6 grant. It is an shining example of the best that can come from supporting exceptional members of the Perl community in their efforts to advance the Perl technology and Perl culture.


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