TPF announces grant to David Mitchell for the release of Perl 5.10.1

It is with considerable pleasure that TPF announces today a Perl development grant to David Mitchell for the release of Perl 5.10.1. David's work through this grant will be:

  • The vetting and application of 400+ outstanding patches to the Perl 5.10 codebase;
  • A rework of the "smart match" feature semantics to address known issues;
  • Packaging of a Perl 5.10.1 release distribution.

The funding amount of this grant is USD $5000, which is meant to provide support for David at a half-time level over the 2-3 calendar months it is anticipated this work will require. David has been a Perl core hacker since 2001, and is the release manager (a.k.a. "pumpking") for the 5.10 series maintenance branch.

This grant is supported by Rafael Garcia-Suarez, the Perl 5.10 series development branch release manager, and Nicholas Clark, the Perl 5.8 series release manager. Nicholas will also be the grant manager for this grant, which means he will maintain communication with David to ascertain the continuing process of the grant work and will determine when the work milestones of the grant have been achieved.

Funding for this grant has been generously provided by Dijkmat BV, The Netherlands.


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