September 1, 2006 - Houston and Vienna for YAPCs Next Year

The Perl Foundation, in conjunction with the YAPC::Europe Foundation are happy to announce Houston and Vienna as the venues for next year's North American and European YAPCs.

The votes were close again this year for YAPC::NA and we had three excellent bids from Boston, Houston, and Philadelphia.

With the evaluations complete, the Perl Foundation's Conferences Committee has selected Houston, Texas, as the venue for YAPC::NA::2007. The proposal was a joint effort from members of and and was submitted by Jeremy Fluhmann. We hope for another great YAPC::NA in 2007, this time a lot further south. Congratulations to Houston! Details will be available in the coming months at the YAPC::NA website.

On the other side of the pond, Vienna faced tough competition from Lyon, France and Pisa, Italy.

The YEF committee are confident that's experienced team--which was responsible for several Austrian Perl Workshops--will put together a wonderful conference. The theme for the next YAPC::Europe will be 'Social Perl'.

I think I speak for both committees when I say we encourage the runner-up candidate groups to stay involved, help this year's group, and bid again next year. The Boston group has already demonstrated the great humor and cooperation that makes the international Perl community so special. It's about a lot more than just the code.

We hope to see you in Houston and Vienna next summer!


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