Running Grants: biweekly report

Starting this month, the Grant Committee will publish reports about running grants each two weeks (first and third Friday of the month). While it is normal that not all grants have updates (there are a lot of reasons for that to happen), they will appear in the listing as well with a 'no updates' message.

Currently running TPF grants are:

  • Mango - Christopher Laco

No updates.

No updates.

Grant is finished. A final report should be published very soon.

A first release of Strawberry Perl Portable Edition for Mobile Devices and Flash Drives was done. This same release was offered in Flash disks during OSCON.

  • SMOP - Daniel Ruoso

Grantee did not start yet.

Grantee did not start yet.

Started. No other news.

Started. No other news.


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