Running Grants (2009 - I)

This is the first update for running grants on 2009. At the moment TPF has 12 running grants:

I just uploaded YAML-Perl-01_01. It has the entire Loader stack represented. You can play with it by using: ysh MYAML::Perl
It will load many simple YAML documents all the way through, but is not yet complete, so many others will fail. There are 10 modules involved in the Loader stack. They are all partially ported/working at this point. You can use the load stack at different levels. ie you can: Load, Construct, Compose, Parse and Scan a YAML stream. All the other YAML implementations can only Load.
Next steps will be (roughly): Code the entire dumper stack Done - see YAML-Perl-0.01_02 on CPAN - ed., Finish porting the missing python functions, Harness the python test suite and get it passing, Work on the documentation, Finish work on YAML2, Replace YAML with YAML2

No updates from grantee.

No updates from grantee.

Alan Haggai continues work on Archive-Zip, although this week was not productive. He wanted to get unicode filename support in, and got bogged down learning more about how Perl does unicode. A dev release has hit CPAN containing his bug fixes so far:

No updates from grantee.

No updates from grantee.

No updates from grantee.

Kieren plans to start working on the survey grant at the end of the week.

No updates, yet.

Leon was working on his exams during-December, but has made some progress with unit testing.

Dave already started to improve the Moose Documentation. He plans to ship a first version of Moose::Manual some time in January.

Gabor already started and he blogs about the progress. His blog can be found at Padre now has a (slow) syntax highlighting for Perl 6.


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