Running Grants (2008-VIII)

At the moment, these are the latest updates on the running grants:

Colin should start working later in the Winter.

Leon update:I've added unit tests (in particular to Hash), fixed a few bugs and added a two useful methods that I found missing while doing so. Made some changes to the exporting code, making it easier to export with a slurping argument. I've started documenting how exporting works, you can see a preview here ( I've also completely reorganized my files to make everything more organized and I'm splitting out libtap++ because it might be useful for other projects.

No recent news from Grant Manager.

No recent news from Grant Manager.

No recent news from Grant Manager.__

Ingy updates: I'm plugging away and things are looking good so far. I just wanted to make sure that I am setting myself up for success. My original grant deliverables were: - Port all the classes of PyYAML to Perl - Port all of the PyYAML tests and make them pass - Write full documentation for all the classes and the API - Release this module as, replacing the legacy code My current goals for the end of the year are items 1 and 2 in full and 3 in part. I don't plan to do the 4th goal by year's end because I think it's too soon. I want to see YAML::Perl stabilize and get plenty of feedback before making replacing the current My goals for the weekend are to get all the pyyaml tests running (and failing) and to port the Dumper side of things. I'll give more details next week.

No updates from Grant Manager.

No recent updates from grant manager. Check Alan blog for progresses

No updates from Grant Manager.____

Adam just finished this grant. He is being encouraged to write a conclusion report. If you happen to be with him, put him in front of the computer and force him to write it. :)


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