Running Grants (2008-III)

This is the third biweekly report. These are the news on currently running grants:

  • Mango - Christopher Laco - This grant will be closed in the next few days, and a report published here.
  • Porting PyYAML to Perl - Ingy döt Net - Ingy gave some updates on his grant. YAML::XS is completed, and a pure Perl implementation is being started. A new deadline was defined: Christmas 2008.
  • Improving Smolder - Michael Peters - As said on previous report, Michaed finished this grant. We are working on the closing bits. A report on this grant should be published soon on this blog.
  • Perl on a Stick - Adam Kennedy - Adam continues working on Perl on a Stick. Several sticks were sold/distributed during OSCON, and more should be distributed soon. I have mine, already!
  • SMOP - Daniel Ruoso - No updates from Grant Manager.
  • Fixing Bugs in the Archive::Zip Perl Module - Alan Haggai Alavi - No updates from Grant Manager.
  • Make localtime() and gmtime() work past 2038 - Michael Schwern - No updates from Grant Manager.
  • Test::Builder 2 - Michael Schwern - No updates from Grant Manager.


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