Running Grants (2008 - IX)

We know that results are expected for the fourth quarter call for grant proposals. We expect to publish results really soon.

Regarding running grants, follow some updates:

For the past few days Colin have been reacquainting himself with the BSDPAN code and sketching out a couple different approaches.

Leon update: I've been adding unit tests on scalar references and subroutine references, I have refactored/debugged the handling of references and variables based on that. I made it compile under GCC's -Wextra option (squashing two bugs) and made it more GCC 4.3 compatible. I've improved the diagnostics of my unit testing, and documented it (

No updates

No updates

No updates

Ingy released some of the new modules to CPAN in the last week. You can check his comments on his grant at

No updates

During the past weeks Alan was in examinations. He hopes to get back to the work this weekend.

Check the latest special update on this grant, from last week.

Adam has a Sekrit. Check his use.perl and stay tunned.


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