Perl 5 Development Now on Git

Perl 5's revision history is now stored in a git repository accessible to any developer around the world!

Since March 1997 Perl 5 development has been done using a Perforce revision control system generously hosted by ActiveState. This system provided a powerful tool set for core developers, but tended to keep outside contributors at arms length.

Now there is a git repository available to anyone. The repository is hosted on resources provided by, Europe's largest online hotel reservation service.

In true open source style, Sam Vilain converted Perl's history from Perforce to Git. He did the work both in his spare time and in time donated by his employer, Catalyst IT. He spent more than a year building custom tools to transform 21 years of Perl history into the first ever unified repository of every single change to Perl. In addition to changes from Perforce, Sam patched together a comprehensive view of Perl's history incorporating publicly available snapshot releases, changes from historical mailing list archives and patch sets recovered from the hard drives of previous Perl release engineers.

Thank you Sam!

If you want to read more about the benefits of using get, check out the Git announcement at


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