November 9, 2005 - New Parrot Grant Manager

Cheers, Ovid

Congratulations and many thanks to Dave on helping out! Viva la Parrot!

Enter Dave Rolsky of Mason fame. Currently an employee with Socialtext, Dave has agreed to handle this very important role. Primarily he will be keeping abreast of the Parrot project and communicating with NLNet to let them know what's being accomplished. Further, as the Parrot Grant Manager, he'll be the one deciding whether or not specific goals have been accomplished and money should be distributed.

  • Was foolish, er, courageous enough to take on this challenge.
  • No conflict of interests (for example, this ruled out Jesse Vincent, the project manager).
  • Deep knowledge of Perl and has paid attention to the Parrot project.
  • An individual who is both well-known and respected in the Perl community.


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