November 26, 2005 - Richard Dice elected Perl Foundation steering committee chair

In the coming months, watch for more specific plans.

  1. Lead the Perl culture -- by providing a good example
  2. Provide support to people working on key technological (and sometimes cultural) pieces of Perl
  3. Work to create a space within the IT and business world that is amenable to the use of Perl
  4. Introduce Perl, and foster its use, to IT professionals and amateurs of all stripes (programmers, sysadmins, students, scientists, engineers and more)

Richard sees this as fitting into four specific areas of activity:

If we are successful then the result will be the growth of the Perl language and community -- a positive feedback loop to the benefit of all.

Because we want to help.

TPF exists to promote Perl to people and organizations so that they can benefit from all of what is available within the Perl community.

Richard has clear ideas for where TPF should be headed. Richard's draft of a TPF mission statement:

Richard Dice has been elected to chair the Perl Foundation Steering Committee. Richard fills the vacancy left by Bill Odom when he became TPF President. The election was between Jim Brandt and Richard, who have both done great work for the community, most notably organizing YAPC::NA 2004 in Buffalo and YAPC::NA 2005 in Toronto, respectively.


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