November 13, 2002 - YAPC::Europe News

Chair "YAPC::Europe" Committee
Norbert Gruener

We wish them every success, and look forward to attending in Paris.

They have, of course, our full support.

Philippe Bruhat and the Paris Perl Mongers team have put together a fine case, for the next YAPC::Europe in Paris. They are close to deciding on a suitable venue, already have several eager sponsors in the background, and have begun to resolve a number of the myriad other issues which a YAPC conference demands.

The YAPC::Europe committee take great pleasure in announcing that Paris has been chosen as the venue for the YAPC::Europe 2003 conference.

Announcement of YAPC::Europe 2003 Venue

The President of YAS, Kevin Lenzo has named an internal committee which will deal with all matters concerning YAPC::Europe conferences. He has nominated members of each European YAPC to be on this committee: Leon Brocard and Greg McCarroll from London, Ann Barcomb from Amsterdam, Richard Foley and Norbert Gruener from Munich. Norbert Gruener has been appointed as the chair of this YAPC::Europe committee.

Nomination of YAPC::Europe Committee


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