May 21, 2006 - Nicholas Clark's "Improve Perl 5" Grant Completed

I was going to announce Nicholas Clark's progress on his Improve Perl 5 when I announced this quarter's grant votes. However, the summary below (including the TODO information) isn't quite accurate. It was sent to me on May 11th, and as of a May 20th email to me, I'm informed that even Nicholas' TODO items have been accomplished, along with documentation of user pragmata. His grant appears to be finished and a great success. Many thanks Nicholas!

  • The UTF-8 caching code is merged to 5.8.x
  • The constant folding changes are merged to 5.8.x, and have been adapted to use the "flexible exceptions" system there.
  • Merijn and Nicholas have solved the Configure merge.
  • Making the lexical pragma implementation fully threadsafe turned out to be opening a can of worms. It's done now.
  • The merge-able parts of the save_re_context code are now merged to 5.8.x. The structure on the save stack are duplicated by the threads clone code.
  • The @INC source filter work has been done, and merged to 5.8.x
  • The pack "W" changes have been merged to 5.8.x (but not 'W' itself)
  • The code for magic and localisation has been checked, and merged to 5.8.x
  • I've audited all the code for UTF-8 and overloaded stringification bugs, found and fixed quite a few.


  • The work on taint, UTF-8 and TK hasn't been started yet.
  • The fixes for UTF-8 and overloading haven't been merged to 5.8.x yet.
  • The relocatable INC changes have not yet been merged to 5.8.x.
  • We're not sure how to handle packlists when everything is relocatable, or even if a good solution solution exists.


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