Mango Grant Closed

Christopher Laco on Mango Grant:

It has been over two years since I received a grant from the TPF to start work on Mango. What started as a fast paced 3 month project has turned into a 2 year project that has come to crawl. At this point in time, the TPF and I agree that it is best to label this project as 'done as-is' so the grant manager and the TPF can be free to concentrate their resources elsewhere.

Do not despair. As it stands, Mango already has a rather large amount of features, code and tests. While the grant will be closed, this is not the end of Mango development. Now that the pressure of getting Mango finished on a specific deadline is relieved, I'll be starting a conversion to Moose and the Moose-based version of Catalyst when it becomes available. I've also moved the repository to GitHub:

Please feel free to email me for a commit bit in the upcoming conversion adventure. Onward and upward.


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