June 30, 2005 - Google Summer of Code Projects Announced

All projects will be carried out during July-August 2005, with mentors from the Perl community providing technical assistance.

Further details on each of these projects will be forthcoming shortly.

Title: A Generational, Thread-Aware GC for Parrot
Name: Alexandre Buisse
Title: Extended Type Inference System for Perl 5
Name: Gary Jackson
Title: Open Sourcing Perl/Java Integration
Name: David Rusek
Title: Perl "Megadistro"
Name: David Buchman
independent of the Python parse tree (AST).
Title: Refactor Pirate so that the intermediate code emitter is
Name: Curtis Hall
Title: WWW:Kontent - A Perl 6 Content Management System
Name: Brent Royal-Gordon
Title: BitTorrent Peer Library For Perl
Name: Josh McAdams
Title: Compiler/Optimizer Improvements to Parrot
Name: Curtis Rawls

The Perl Foundation is proud to announce 8 funded projects under Google Inc's Summer of Code program.


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