June 12, 2006 - Only two weeks until YAPC::NA 2006

There are only two weeks left until YAPC::NA 2006 begins at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The schedule includes great subject tracks, including Perl 6, Parrot and Web Frameworks. YAPC::NA 2006 also includes keynotes by Larry Wall and Damian Conway.

Registration is still open, and costs only $100. In addition, three additional courses taught by Damian Conway, Randal Schwartz, and brian d foy are available following YAPC::NA 2006 for only $200.

The registration deadline for lightning talks is approaching. You can propose a talk by June 19, 2006.

We hope to see you at YAPC::NA 2006 in Chicago, June 26th through the 28th!


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