July 9th, 2007 - A new wiki for Perl 5

The irrepressible Michael Schwern has launched a new wiki devoted to all things Perl 5, and has invited everyone to contribute:

Perl 5 needs a place to collect its community knowledge which is currently scattered around in penny packets on perl mongers sites, scads of perl.org hosts, mailing list archives, man pages and books.

This sort of thing is handled well by a wiki. Perl 5 now has one:


As Schwern notes, however, launching the wiki is just the beginning:

It is hungry for content. What sort of content? Any sort of Perl 5 related content. Really. Anything you think someone else might find useful that would otherwise be lost in the noise of the Internet.

One simple task you can do right now is add a module to one of the lists of Recommended CPAN Modules:



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