July 28, 2004 - White Camel Award Winners

Dave Cross is a longstanding member of the Perl community. He started the first non-North American Perl Mongers group, London.pm. He's the current leader of the Perl Mongers groups worldwide, and revived the Perl Mongers group leaders list.

brian d foy founded the Perl Mongers groups at the first Perl conference in 1997, and started the White Camel awards in 1999. He is the publisher of The Perl Review, which just celebrated its first issue in print. He recently returned from year in the desert maintaining Perl modules without electricity or internet access.

Jon Orwant is the original editor and publisher of the Perl Journal. A long-time Perl user, Jon has had a significant impact on the Perl community. Among other things, he ushered in the Perl 6 announcement with the now-famous "coffee mug heard round the world" at The Perl Conference in 2000.

TPF is proud to announce the winners of the 2004 White Camel awards. The award ceremony was held at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.


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