July 25, 2005 - Summer of Code: Refactor Pirate.

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I'm actually still a CS minor trying to fulfill the CS major requirements :-)
Got a silly fact about yourself or the project?

No, I underestimated the importance of this project to computer science world, and therefore thought that it would be over looked.
Did you expect to get funded?

With this type of Project, a very large portion of time will be devoted to theory and understanding of the code that is already in place and in use. It is important to understand the functionality of everything as it is working now, and work towards improving that functionality before actually modifying or adding any code. As of now no code has been modified, but all that is will be documented and tracked over the next few months.
Is there any way to track your progress over the next few months? Got a blog?

Upon completion of this project, I would like to begin porting the Icon programming language to Parrot, using the generalized routines I've implemented and creating new ones that are specific to Icon.
Where do you see your project going after this summer?

The Virtual Machine Parrot has interested me since first hearing about it, and the idea of compiling and running several languages on one virtual machine spun me in the direction of Pirate.
How did you get interested in this topic?

I will be refactoring Pirate so that it becomes more of a generic compiler system. The goal is to separate the parser from the IMC emitter so that it can become somewhat of a template compiler for other scripting languages that want to be ported to Parrot. Upon completion of this, I plan on implementing new language constructs that Pirate lacks.
You've had a Google Summer of Code project funded. What will you be doing? How will you be doing this? What's the final product?

I'm 23, a senior at the University of Arizona in Tucson and working towards degrees in Computer Science and Anatomy and Physiology. I'm minoring in Italian and Psychology. I was born on a military base in Vicenza, Italy where my dad was stationed.
Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself, including age, where you are a student and what you are studying

The Perl Foundation took part in Google's Summer of Code program and managed to get 8 projects funded. This is the eighth in a series of informal interviews finding out more information about these projects. Up now is Curtis Hall with "Refactor Pirate so that the intermediate code emitter is independent of the Python parse tree (AST)".


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