July 19, 2005 - YAPC::NA::2006 Call for Venue

This is your chance to bring a YAPC to your town. It's a very rewarding experience, and is a great way to give to the Perl community. If you have questions about writing a proposal, you can send them to "yapc-venues AT yetanother DOT org."<yapc-venues_AT_yetanother_DOT_org>

Send the proposals to yapc-venues AT yetanother DOT org. Proposals are due by Friday, September 2 2005, with a decision due on September 16 2005. (If the summertime vacation blahs catch everyone out we may extend the deadline. Don't count on that) This gives about N weeks, which should be manageable, and should still fit within most college and university scheduling requirements.

As with last year, we are also making available the different categories, and weight for those categories, for prospective proposers. Please visit http://yapc.org/yapc-crit.txt for more information on this. This shows the catgeories under which venues will be reviewed to be able to bring another great conference to you, at the lowest cost possible.

You can get details on what a YAPC venue needs at http://www.yapc.org/venue-reqs.txt. When making your proposal, in addition to venue information and possible dates, do please make sure to include details on airport locations, local public transit (as well as transit to the venue from the airport!), local cultural attractions, and accommodation information. (See the docs for more details) The more information you provide, within reason, the better.

With the close of another successful YAPC::NA, it is now time to throw open the call for venues for next year's (2006) YAPC::NA conference.


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