July 14, 2005 - Allison on TPF Financial Details

Originally posted at use.perl.org

So, we're looking for another way to do the friendly display. It looks like it's going to boil down to getting someone to write the code. None of our current volunteers have the time, but I expect it will be a pretty straightforward job, especially for someone who already writes Perl code for a financial company. Maybe a couple of weekends, and some light maintenance down the road. Any takers? The data is up in the tax returns now, so feel free to play with it and show us a sample site. :)

Also, until recently anyone could see the same information in lots of pretty charts and graphs on GuideStar.org. The information is still there, but they changed their policy so you have to register for a free account to see anything, and you have to pay for an account to see anything very useful.

You can find TPF's tax returns online (not 2004 yet, because it hasn't been received, stamped and sent back yet). Not the friendliest presentation, but it's all there. (Though, I notice the online version of the 2003 990 is missing an attached statement for grants that didn't fit on the main page. I'll look into that.)

Why can't we see where our donation money goes? We see appeals for money, and donations going into a bottomless pit, and the occasional "$4,000 to X, $50,000 to Y" go past. But where's the annual report with the actual details of what was earned and what was spent and where, and how much you have in the bank at the end of each year?


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