Jonathan Worthington's Hague Grant, "Rakudo Dispatch and Role Enhancements", accepted

On November 20, 2008, Jonathan Worthington submitted an Ian Hague Perl 6 development grant request entitled Rakudo Dispatch and Role Enhancements.

Public comments regarding this grant request were extremely positive. These, in addition to consultation with Jesse Vincent (Perl 6 project manager) and Patrick Michaud (Rakudo project lead), allow The Perl Foundation to enthusiastically accept this grant request. chromatic has agreed to volunteer as the grant manager for this grant, and TPF gladly accepts his help with this. He is both diligent and exceptionally knowledgeable in the subject area and will do an excellent job of helping TPF evaluate Jonathan's progress.

We look forward to Jonathan's success with this grant work over the next few months and are excited about how this work will help advance Perl 6 implementation.


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