January 4, 2007 - Grants Awards

Grant vote results are in and one grant was awarded. The first Perl Foundation grant of 2007 has been award to Shlomi Fish for resolving outstanding issues in XML::RSS. Shlomi has worked with Ask Bjørn Hansen, the module's maintainer, to resolve some bugs in it in the past and now plans to tackle the rest of the work. Rosellyn Thompson is the grant manager assigned to this grant.

Below is the original grant application.

Cleaning up XML::RSS: XML::RSS is the standard CPAN module for parsing and generating the various version of the RSS format. At the moment it suffers from many open bugs in its request tracker, possibly other bugs lurking, and a codebase of poor quality, which exhibits many poor coding conventions.

This project aims to spend some time closing bugs in XML::RSS, adding automated tests to it, making it more modular, and cleaning up its internals.


As a result of the project XML::RSS will:

  1. Have more tests.
  2. Have fewer bugs.
  3. Have a code of better quality, which will facilitate further developments.

Project Details

XML::RSS ( http://search.cpan.org/dist/XML-RSS/ ) is the standard CPAN module for parsing and generating the various versions of the RSS (="Really Simple Syndication") format. The module has been relatively unmaintained for a long time, and now suffers from over 30 open bugs in its rt.cpan.org queue ( http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bugs.html?Dist=XML-RSS ), a lot of duplicate code and other poor practices, and a small number of automated tests. All of this is especially troubling because XML::RSS is relied on by many CPAN distributions and other Perl programs (for example XML-Feed, Kwiki-RecentChangesRSS, Slashcode, Template-XML and Request Tracker (RT)), for their RSS-munging needs.

This project aims to remedy all this. I have already started fixing some of the reported bugs for it (see the top of http://search.cpan.org/src/ABH/XML-RSS-1.11/Changes ) and added some tests in the process. I did that work along with the current module maintainer (Ask Bjørn Hansen) and with his cooperation and endorsement. With this grant, I'd like to continue this work, and add more tests, fix bugs, and once I have a good test coverage, start refactoring the code and improving its quality, and maintainability.

Project Schedule

The project will take 1-2 months. I can begin work immediately.


I have worked with Perl since 1996, and have over 20 modules on CPAN. (and many other projects written in Perl). I have a lot of experience and working knowledge in C programming. I have contributed to many open source projects in the past, including ones that I initiated on my own, such that I joined as a co-developer and such that I adopted after some neglect by the original developer.

Aside from that, I have graduated from the Technion in Electrical Engineering in 2004 (cum laude).

Amount Requested: $1,500.

Shlomi Fish


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