January 26, 2007 - A Conference Toolkit (ACT) Goes Open Source

A while ago I blogged that I really wanted a Perl-based conference toolkit that YAPCs and other conferences could use so they didn't spend time hacking on the website when they should be organizing the conference. Well, the folks who work on ACT have been working to fulfill some of the items I presented and earlier today they officially announced that it is open source with a dual GPL/Artistic license.

You can access the code via their svn repository. Now anyone can look at and hack on the ACT code. We might even see some other groups using ACT to host their conference site.

Even better, the ACT developers offer to host Perl-related conferences on their server. The nice thing about this is they can re-use user accounts and other data in the database from one conference to the next. This will be nice for people who attend more than one Perl conference each year.

Several of next year's conferences going up on the ACT server and this will be the first time YAPC::NA is hosted on the ACT site.

The final step for this year's effort is to integrate ACT with the TPF payment system, and this work is underway. Stay tuned.

Thanks to the ACT developers for their work so far!


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