Hague Grant Application: Numeric and Real Support

We have received a Hague grant request, submitted by Solomon Foster.

Before the Board votes on this proposal we would like to get feedback and endorsements from the Perl community. Please leave feedback in the comments or send email with your comments to karen at perlfoundation.org.

Project Title:

Numeric and Real Support


This grant aims to refactor Rakudo's current numeric classes to support the
Perl 6 specification's new Numeric and Real roles, in the process making it
easier to create new numeric classes.

Benefits to Perl 6 Development:

In late 2009, in response to users' and developers' experiences with Rakudo,
the Perl 6 specification was enhanced with the creation of the Numeric and
Real roles. This grant's purpose would be to implement those roles and
refactor Rakudo's core numeric type implementations to work with them,
including Int, Rat, Num, and Complex. Special care will be taken to simplify
adding new classes that fill the Numeric and Real roles, as there are more in
the specification that will need to be implemented at some point. In addition,
the relevant portions of the test suite would be revamped. Straightening this
all out before Rakudo * will present the newcomers to Perl 6 with a clean,
consistent numerical interface instead of the current obsolete hodgepodge.


D1. Implement Numeric. S32::Numeric: "Numeric"
D2. Implement Real. S32::Numeric: "Real"
D3. Refactor Int, Rat, and Num to be Real. S32::Numeric: "Int", "Rat", and
"Num", also S02::Bits and Pieces

D4. Refactor Complex to be Numeric. S32::Numeric: "Complex"
D5. Refactor the trig functions to fit in this scheme. S32::Numeric:
"Trigonometric functions"

D6. Add Numeric and Real specific tests to the spectests.
D7. Enhance our current numeric tests to better work in the new system.

Project Details:

D1 and D2 require implementing a the Real and Numeric roles, and possibly
modifying the Spec a bit in the process. Probably the biggest issue here is
working out to what extent Real should implement default versions of its

D3, D4, and D5 involve refactoring the existing methods for these classes to
fit into the new role-based scheme. Special attention will be given to
facilitating the addition of new numeric types which fill these roles.

D6 would include simple tests -- do the classes belong to their appropriate
roles? -- as well as more complex tests -- can users readily create their own
Numeric class?

D7 would reorganize the existing numeric tests to better take advantage of the
new system, as well as forking role-based versions of those tests.

Project Schedule:

This is envisioned as a two-month project. The first three weeks would be spent
establishing the basic framework and getting the Numeric methods in place for
Int, Rat, Num, and Complex. The second three weeks would be spent working on
the Real methods for those classes. The last two weeks would be set aside for

I am able to begin work on this project at any time.

Report Schedule:

Blog posts every other week on a new Perl 6 programming blog on Wordpress,
also to be submitted to Perl Planet Six.

Public Repository:

All code, documentation and other relevant files that relate to Rakudo will be
checked into the Rakudo repository. All contributions to the specification and
specification tests will be checked into the Pugs repository.

Grant Deliverables ownership/copyright and License Information:

All work on produced as a result of this grant will be licensed under the
Artistic License Version 2.0. I already have signed the relevant CLA for The
Perl Foundation.


After flirting briefly with Pugs back in its very early days, I started
regular experimentation with Perl 6 via Rakudo in late 2008. In mid-2009 I
started contributing, first to the spectests and then in August to Rakudo
itself. Since then I have been the third most active Rakudo committer,
including extensive work on Rat, Complex, and trig support.

I have an MS in mathematics and a BS with honors in mathematics and computer
science, both from the University of Michigan. I have twelve years' experience
as a professional C++ library developer.

Country of Residence:

United States


United States

Amount Requested:


Okay to publish proposal?:


Suggestions for Grant Manager:

Jonathan Worthington



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