Grant Update: Corporate, Embedded, and Multi-user Perl on Windows

Curtis Jewell just sent TPF an update on his grant:

The 5 main points of my grant, as far as releasing an improved Strawberry Perl, were:

__"Is compiled as a "merge module" (.msm) file that can be included in other .msi files, as well as an independent .msi file."

This was done as of the January 2010 release of Strawberry Perl, although I'm not publicizing it heavily until the April 2010 release.

However, the "Strawberry Perl Professional" alpha that was released in late February uses the merge module that was generated by the January 2010 release as its "underpinnings", and the currently-released-on-CPAN development versions of the Perl::Dist::WiX/Perl::Dist::Strawberry creation toolchain can create and use merge modules.

"Can have the base drive (and possibly directory name) passed in to the merge module."

It turns out that you insert the merge module under a directory entry, so completing the merge module made this automatic. However, this isn't useful without the next point.

"Can be installed to any drive (the top directory may still be named "strawberry" under the root of the selected drive)"

This is what I'm working on currently for the April 2010 release, as well as being able to build a 64-bit version of Strawberry Perl (for 5.11.x+ versions of Perl - which means a non-beta 64-bit version may not be available until May or June)

The intention is to release a beta with this (I think of it as "relocatability") working soon after 5.11.6 or 5.12.0-RC1 is released.

Unfortunately, I've hit a bug in Perl 5.10.1 - it doesn't relocate the vendor/lib directory like the other two standard directories: . I'll need some assistance (i.e. a patch that fixes that bug, or guidance from p5p if more information is needed) in order to get 5.10.1 to relocate safely.

5.11.5 relocates all 3 standard directories, so it's fine, and I can test that relocation works with 5.11.x versions, until a patch can be created for 5.10.1.

"Separates the modules installed with the initial installation from modules that the user / administrator installs, by using the "vendor" directories for module installation that can be configured when compiling Perl."

This was done in the October 2009 release of Strawberry Perl. This has created a problem with implementing the relocation portion of the grant, as noted above.

"Includes a script that saves the settings that local::lib creates within the Windows Registry."

A first draft of this is currently in Adam Kennedy's svn repository (it needs debugged) as


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