February 22, 2006 - OSDC Israel and pre-event Perl 6 work

In Toronto last year, there was a pre-YAPC hack-a-thon that brought together many of the Perl 6 coders in person, which can be very productive. TPF provided $600 US to cover costs, and as you can tell by the amount, the group worked as low-budget as possible.

Right now, the week before OSDC Israel, they are repeating the effort. It's clearly a worthy cause, so TPF has agreed to offer $600 US to support them again.

Here's the cool part: Gabor Szabo, one of the organizers has offered us a great deal. He's going to run the conference and collect as much as he can via registration, donation, sponsorship, etc. If he's short, he'll tell us and we'll help out. If not, he'll cover the costs for the people involved in the hack-a-thon. That sure sounds win-win to me.


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