December 6, 2005 - Chicago 2006 YAPC Bid

Below is the bid submitted by the Chicago group. Chicago was selected to host YAPC::NA::2006.

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    • "Cost Summary"<#cost_summary>
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Welcome to the Chicago Perl Mongers' bid for YAPC::NA 2006. We've decided to try to host next year's Yet Another Perl Conference and hope that
you agree that Chicago is the spot for YAPC.

Who we are is the Chicago-area chapter of the Perl Mongers group. We are an active group with almost monthly meetings. We host a mailing list
and website, of which book reviews are often published. We adopted a
Phalanx module and have worked to improve its testing coverage. The group
consists of many Perl users, as well as, some notable figures in the Perl
world, including Andy Lester, the public relations representative for
the Perl Foundation and brian d foy, the publisher of The Perl Review.

Why Chicago?

Why not? Chicago is an exciting metropolitan area. It is a central hub for all forms of transportation, including automobile, air, rail,
and water. Chicago is the second largest city in the United States,
with over six million people from diverse cultures. Chicago is the
home of many professional sports clubs including the Cubs, White Sox,
Fire, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Chicago's architecture is second
to none. The city has a picturesque skyline that includes the Sears
Tower, Prudential Tower, and John Handcock Building. It is also the
home of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, two of the most famous
architects of modern times.

Did we mention food yet? Where else can you get an authentic Chicago-style pizza or have one of the best hot dogs ever made? Plus,
Chicago has a huge variety of ethnic dishes to choose from. You will
find them throughout Chicago and in the many culture based neighborhoods.

Chicago is no stranger to technology either. Many companies in the downtown area use Perl to keep financial institutions going.

Dates and Location

We are proposing to host the conference on Monday through Wednesday, June 26-28, 2006. These dates were chosen due to their proximity to
last year's dates.

The proposed venue is the Chicago campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology ( They have a large conference center
( which we are planning to utilize.


Facility Location

The Illinois Institute of Technology has a conference center called the Hermann Union Building
This conference center is located in the heart of the IIT campus, only
a block away from the campus cafeteria, dormitories, and the Chicago 'L'.

IIT itself is located just south of the heart of Chicago, right beside US Cellular Field. It is easily accessible by bus, 'L', and automobile.

Facility Layout and Capacity

The Hermann Union Building is a multi-level conference facility. The ground level of the facility contains an auditorium and multiple
conference rooms of various sizes. The facility is leased by the room or
as a whole. Depending on the number of registrants to the conference, we
can adjust which rooms that we will use to best fit the conference size.

A diagram of the layout is available at

 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Room          | Theater Capacity | Conference Capacity |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Auditorium     |              850 |                 N/A |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Main Lobby     |              300 |                 140 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Gallery Lounge |              300 |                 140 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Main Ballroom  |              300 |                 140 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Expo           |              300 |                 140 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Alumni Lounge  |               50 |                  30 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Hermann Lounge |               40 |                  20 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Field Room     |               36 |                  16 |
 |---------------------------------------------------------| | Crown Room     |               36 |                  16 |

A/V and Internet arrangements

The Hermann Union Building is fully equipped with audio-visual resources. The auditorium comes standard with stage lighting and sound. All other
rooms can be set up with portable audio equipment for a fee. IIT has
AV engineers who bring in and set up the equipment. Additionally,
IIT has videographers that will record conference sessions.

Only wired Internet access is available within the Hermann Union Building; however, it is allowable for YAPC to bring in wireless routers and
connect them to the wired connection. Additionally, there are PC's
available in the Gallery Lounge and the Computer Lab.

There are many wireless hot-spots around campus, including the dormitories. Conference attendees staying in the dorms will gain access
to these hot-spots.

Cost Summary

Our costs are based on a YAPC costing $85 per person, which is no increase from years past.

Individual Costs: $245 + Travel

What do we expect a person who attends the conference to spend overall. There are costs such as conference fees, lodging, and food. Below is
our estimate of how someone could experience YAPC::NA 2006 in Chicago
on the cheap. This assumes that you'll be sharing a room and eating in
the cafeteria.

 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Expense                                           | Cost |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Conference                                        | $85  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Day 1 Food: 3 meals in cafeteria                  | $25  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Day 2 Food: 2 meals in cafeteria, dinner provided | $15  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Day 3 Food: 2 meals in cafeteria                  | $15  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Sunday night in dorm                              | $35  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Monday night in dorm                              | $35  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Tuesday night in dorm                             | $35  |
 |---------------------------------------------------|------| | Total (without travel)                            | $245 |

Conference Fees Per Person: $55

 |------------------------------|------| | Expense Description          | Cost |
 |------------------------------|------| | Snacks and drinks for 3 days | $30  |
 |------------------------------|------| | Dinner one night             | $20  |
 |------------------------------|------| | T-Shirt                      | $5   |
 |------------------------------|------| | Total                        | $55  |

Conference: Possible!

With $55 being spent on each attendee, there will be $30 per attendee remaining to pay for the conference facilities.

 |-----------|------------------| | Attendees | Amount Available |
 |-----------|------------------| | 200       | $6000            |
 |-----------|------------------| | 250       | $7500            |
 |-----------|------------------| | 300       | $9000            |
 |-----------|------------------| | 350       | $10500           |
 |-----------|------------------| | 400       | $12000           |
 |-----------|------------------| | 450       | $13500           |
 |-----------|------------------| | 500       | $15000           |

For less than 300 people, all that would be needed as far as facilities would be the Main Ballroom and the Alumni and Herman Lounge. These run
$900/day for a total of $2700. Additional costs for A/V Tech, Internet,
Setup, Post Event Cleanup, Building Manager, Custodial, and Sound run
$2080 putting the total cost at $4780 for less than three hundred people.

For more than 300 people, the Expo would need to be rented for an extra $750 per day for a total of $2250. Adding this to the previous total
brings us to $7030. In order to keep from having to rent the auditorium,
the key addresses can be simulcast into the other rooms.

It is also possible to rent the auditorium for the first half of Monday and the last half of Wednesday, allowing the major sessions to be held
together but the sessions to be held independently.

There are many opportunities for cost adjustments, one of which is brining the per-person costs down on food. However, initial estimates show that
even at $85 it is possible to have a profitable YAPC.

This also assumes exactly zero sponsorship.


Low-Cost Arrangements

  • IIT dorms


  • Hostel International


Chicago hosts hundreds, if not thousands of hotels. With IIT's proximity to downtown, YAPC attendees could easily stay at a fine hotel and still
be only minutes away from the conference.


Arrival and Departure

By Plane

Chicago is home to two major international airports, O'Hare and Midway. Almost every major airline runs some service to at least one of these
airports. Each airport is connected to major expressways and the Chicago
'L', making getting from the airport to the conference and back easy.


    • Driving


    • Driving

By Train (and bus)

If flying is not your style, but you still don't want to drive, both Amtrak and Greyhound serve Chicago. Amtrak will bring riders to Union
Station, right in downtown Chicago. Greyhound will drop riders off a
little South of Union Station, right next to the Chicago 'L'.


Amtrak serves Chicago at Union Station. Union station is accessible to public transportation that connects to IIT. Additionally, limousine
and taxi are available at Union Station.

  • Less Walking Option


  • No Buses Option


  • No Transfers Option


  • Driving


There are both Greyhound and Continental Trailways terminals. The terminals are accessible to public transportation that connects to IIT. Additionally, taxi service is available at the terminals.

  • Less Walking Option


  • No Buses Option


  • Driving

By Automobile

To get to IIT by automobile, take the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/94) to 31st Street exit, continue south to 33rd Street, turn left (east). Metered
parking is located along Federal Street north and south of 33rd Street,
and in the Visitor's Parking Lot (Lot A4) at 32nd Street and State
Street. IIT has on-campus parking available for the conference at no
additional charge. IIT requests an estimate of the number of cars that
will be parked.

While attending YAPC

The Illinois Institute of Technology is conveniently located between two CTA 'L' stations. The 35th-Bronzeville-IIT station is the Institute's
connection to the CTA Green Line. This line is an above-ground line that
connects the West and Southern Chicago suburbs while passing through the
Chicago downtown area. The Sox-35th station is the Institute's connection
to the CTA Red Line. This line is both and over and under ground line.
This line connects the Northern and Southern Chicago suburbs and stays
very close to Lake Michigan. Both Wrigley Field and US Cellular Field
have stops on the CTA Red Line.

The CTA #29-State, #35-35th, #24-Wentworth, and #4-Cottage Grove bus lines all have stops on the main IIT campus. Connections between these
and other buses can get you just about anywhere in town.

Beyond the CTA, the Metra rail system can cheaply transport people to more remote suburbs. Most Metra trains connect to the PACE bus system,
which will accept transfers and passes purchased through CTA.

Regular CTA fares are $1.75 US for a single trip or $2 US for a trip with transfers. Transfers between 'L' lines can be done at no extra
charge at any of the many free transfer stations. Short-term unlimited
ride passes are available for visitors. The cost of these passes is:

  • 1-Day Visitor Pass for $5
  • 2-Day Visitor Pass for $9
  • 3-Day Visitor Pass for $12
  • 5-Day Visitor Pass for $18

Metra is a separate system from CTA and is not covered under the unlimited passes. Fares for Metra are typically less than $5 US one-way.

Other Things To Do


  • Art Institute
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Field Museum of Natural History
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Goodman Theater
  • Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • Steppenwolf Theater
  • Oriental Theater
  • Second City
  • Sears Tower
  • Hancock Building
  • Navy Pier
  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Home and Workshop
  • Oak Street Beach
  • Millennium Park
  • Chinatown
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Chicago Architecture Foundation Tours
  • Michigan Avenue (The Magnificent Mile)
  • Lake and River Cruises

Sports and Recreation

  • The White Sox will play the Houston Astros on Saturday and Sunday before YAPC, and be in Pittsburgh during YAPC.
  • The Cubs will host the Milwaukee Brewers during the conference. Group tickets might be a little hard to come by, but it should be possible to do.
  • The Fire may be in town during that time.
  • A host of minor league baseball teams may have baseball games as well.
  • The Bulls, Bears and Hawks will not be playing at that time.


Chicago is home to countless restaurants including Pizzera Uno, the original restaurant that served as inspiration for the chain.
Beyond that, you can find almost any type of food imaginable.


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