Copenhagen, Denmark to host YAPC::Europe 2008

In case you missed it, here's the official press release from YEF regarding YAPC::Europe next year. Given the numbers at YAPC::Europe this year, it looks like they'll need a good-sized venue.

From: YEF Venue Committee Subject: Copenhagen, Denmark to host YAPC::Europe 2008

The YAPC::Europe Foundation is pleased to announce that Copenhagen, Denmark has been chosen as the site for YAPC::Europe 2008, the ninth European YAPC.

Copenhagen faced stiff competition from Braga, Portugal, which hosted a memorable YAPC::Europe in 2005. This year also marked the first submission from a group unaffiliated with Perlmongers: the Informatics department of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We hope that both these groups will give us the opportunity to consider their proposals again in the future.

We are confident that's experienced team 1 - which was responsible for several Nordic Perl Workshops 2 - will put together a wonderful conference.

We hope to see you in Copenhagen next summer!

The YEF Venue Committee

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