Chris Dolan completes Policies for Perl::Critic Grant

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, last month, Chris Dolan successfully completed his grant to write 20 Perl-Best-Practices-inspired policies for Perl::Critic. There are several reasons why this wasn't posted sooner, but I apologise for the delay.

Chris delivered 19 out of the 20 policies originally proposed, as one of the policies was implemented by another contributor prior to the start of the grant. During the course of this work, he squished some bugs in PPI, which Adam Kennedy acknowledged his use.perl blog as being instrumental to the release of version 1.200.

Chris was also interviewed for PerlBuzz he explained how he got involved with the project, why people should use Perl::Critic and what he plans to do next. Furthermore, Chris was a speaker at the WebGUI Users Conference in Madison, WI, presenting Perl::Critic's features and demonstrating how to start using it (slides available here).

I'd like to thank Chris for being such a joy to work with, for his commitment to pragmatic excellence and for the great work he has done for the community by developing and promoting Perl::Critic as a tool to encourage consistency and quality. On behalf of The Perl Foundation, I wish him every success in his future projects!


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