April 1, 2007 - Mango Grant Update

Here are the latest update from the Mango grant.

As a side note, we're working on a new process for getting grant information out even faster than we currently do (you might recall that we used to have none). If everyone signs off, this information should be much more timely.

Update 1

I finally got desperate enough to find a solution I could live with after rolling my own config file format. So, I managed to convert the admin/roles/users crud. I should have products done this evening, then I'll rework the cart/wishlists. I should have all of those working by the end of the week. Then I can concentrate on the things I've been avoiding, like the sales config and such.

Update 2

I'd like to say I'm making progress, but I'm really not. :-/ Apparently, it's the simply things that drain my soul.

I'm fighting forms and form validation, and nothing is making me happy. FormBuilder is good for making forms, but it's validation sucks.

FormValidator::Simple is great for validation messages, but defining profiles in YAML is ugly as sin and I found a great Tie:: bug in the process.

HTML::Widget makes me have seizure every time I look at it since it's all code based for form generation.

And they all suck at some level when trying to localize the form field labels and errors messages.

So, I've literally been wasting a couple week fighting over some combination of the three that I can tolerate while at the same time having minimal code in Catalyst.

If it weren't for all of that, I'd probably have all of the admin pages/CRUD done already.


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