2010Q1 Grant Proposals: Results

For this quarter TPF had 7 grant proposals, from which 5 was voted for rejection, one for acceptance, and the final one will be kept for new evaluation in the next round.

The five rejected grants are:
* Creating a ctypes-Like Interface for Perl to External Subroutines by Shlomi Fish
* Enhancing CPANHQ by Shlomi Fish
* perl core memory improvements by Jim Cromie
* Enhancing Perl 6 Pattern Matching by Morris M. Siegel
* CPAN Reviews by Alexandr Ciornii

The grant kept for new evaluation in the next round:
* Perl Compiler by Reini urban

And finally, congratulations to Ricardo Signes for his accepted grant:
* Improve Dist::Zilla by Ricardo Signes

These results took in consideration the proposal texts and the work relevance for the Perl community, the proposal authors curriculum and interaction with the Perl community, and the comments and reactions from the Perl community on this blog.


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