2010 Grant Proposal: Enhancing Perl 6 Pattern Matching

Enhancing Perl 6 Pattern Matching with Ideas from Snobol4 and Other Sources

Morris M. Siegel, Ph.D.
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Amount Requested:
$3000 (negotiable)

The substance of my proposed alternative pattern-matching specification has already been essentially worked out as a self-funded research project, as it were. I felt this project was of such importance that it was worthwhile giving myself a sort of sabbatical to develop it. It has taken rather longer than I originally anticipated, and my personal funds have dropped to an uncomfortably low level. I can no longer afford to keep concentrating my efforts on this project on an unfunded basis.
My grant request is intended to retroactively fund some of my past development, and as well to enable me to continue focusing my efforts on the project. (The main task remaining is to write it up carefully and precisely, but there are some aspects that still need to be thought out.) Without a grant I would have to relegate the project to my limited spare time, and by the time it would be done it could well be too late for serious consideration.
I selected the figure of $3000 since I understand it is the upper range of typical Perl Foundation grants. I think the merits of the project, plus its time requirement (past and future), would justify a larger sum if the money is available. In addition, a larger sum would enable me to spend more time on fleshing out those ideas that still need to be thought out.


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