2008Q4 Grants Results

Sorry for taking so much time to publish results. TPF have been funding a lot of grants in the last quarters. During this year, TPF invested more than $25.000 in grants, directly related to the standard grant program. Unfortunately donations to TPF are not compensating the invested amount. Thus, this grant TPF can't afford to fund more than two grants (with a total amount of $6000):

  • Moose Documentation, a proposal by Dave Rolsky,
  • The Mojo Documentation Project, a proposal by Sebastian Riedel.

Fortunately, Vienna.pm is also funding some grants. Instead of creating their own program on Grants, they are funding grants through TPF. From the grants not funded by TPF, Vienna.pm members voted and chose to fund two other grants (with a total amount of $4000):

  • The Perl Survey, a proposal by Kieren Diment,
  • Integrating Padre with Parrot and Rakudo, a proposal by Gabor Szabo.

The remaining grant proposals were divided accordingly with TPF GC rules in the new ones (that were postponed) and the old ones (that were postponed at least once) and that will be postponed or rejected, respectively.

  • Postponed grants:
    • Perl Debugger integration in Padre
    • Inline C++/CLI
    • CPAN::Forum Development
  • Rejected grants:
    • Perl Hotel
    • Squatting on Everything
    • Single-file GUI-enabled executable for Win and Linux


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