2008Q3 Grants Proposals

To this post follows a set of posts with proposals received by the Perl Foundation grants committee during the third call for grant proposals for 2008. This worked pretty well on previous round, and thus, we are using the same approach now. These proposals are published here for public discussion. You are invited to comment each proposal about its relevance and objectives.

During the month of July we received the following grant proposals:

Please take some time on reading the proposals carefully and give some feedback on the relevance of the proposals. This discussion period will end about August 10. Starting that date, the GC will begin the voting process. Please comment on each specific grant post or, if you want to give a broad opinion and comparison on the proposed grants, please comment this post. Thanks!

NOTE The committee received one last proposal, but was asked not to make it public.

The call for grant proposals refered a $500-$3000 range. Some proposers read it as a simple indication, some others read it as hard limits. For this round we will considere all proposals as they were sent, and we will try to co-relate the amount requested to the amount of work involved in the proposal. Next round the call for proposal will make it clearer.


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