2008Q3 Grant Proposal: Bavl

  • Authors: John Beppu and Pip Stuart
  • Title: Bavl (pronounced "bah-vell", as Tower of "Babel" in Hebrew)
  • Synopsis: Bavl is a Free (GPLv3'd) web application for collaboratively learning how to comprehend && speak foreign languages. At its core, it is a system for searching through a database of words, phrases, or lessons each accompanied by translations. However, instead of just presenting mere text back, each phrase also can have one or more audio recordings associated with it. This will let people actually HEAR how to correctly enunciate unfamiliar words (even in a visitor's native language), including valid alternatives, such as the silent or hard "t" in the English word "often". This feature will provide a tremendous benefit to anyone interested in improving their spoken-language skills (i.e., Scholars, Pupils, Students, Learners, etc. of Languages && Social Sciences). In addition to learning, helping others to learn will be easy too. The UI is designed to encourage multi-lingual contributors to publicly offer literal or figurative translations, native pronunciations, answer questions, provide lesson plans, advice, && pupil feedback. Audio recording && playback will be implemented using embedded Adobe Flash-based widgets (via haXe) within the pages of Bavl.


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