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May 02, 2007

May 2, 2007 - XML::RSS Cleanup Grant Completed - Final Report

I am pleased to announce that Shlomi Fish has completed his XML::RSS cleanup grant. In his own words, Shlomi has summarised the work he's done and offers his thanks to those who helped him transform XML::RSS into a high quality tool for the community:

This is a summary of a Perl Foundation XML::RSS grant, I've been doing. Its scope was for two or three months from 1 January, 2007 onwards, with a lot of work done by me before the grant application was submitted.

I've kept a journal on my work by writing entries in my use.perl.org weblog. Here are the links to them.

Before receiving the grant:

  1. XML::RSS
  2. XML::RSS Meta Bug
  3. XML::RSS Update

After receiving the grant:

  1. XML::RSS - Grant Application Was Accepted + Update
  2. "Yet Another XML-RSS


  1. "XML::RSS Update: Full

Test Coverage"http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi+Fish/journal/32214

  1. XML::RSS Update: Refactoring

Now for some general commentary. Ask Bjørn Hansen has been doing extraordinary work taking care of the perl.org infrastructure, and also became the maintainer of the XML::RSS module. He has been very helpful in commenting on my patches and applying them, guiding me through the process, and providing feedback.

Our process in working on XML::RSS was the following:

  1. At first we did some work on reducing the number of open bugs to a minimum. This either involved correcting the code, and closing duplicate bugs or ones that were too obscure.
  2. After that and during development, we worked on expanding and extending the XML::RSS test suite. Devel-Cover by Paul Johnson was a huge help here, in locating things we did not cover yet.

We emphasised making sure the tests were meaningful, and reflected the functionality of the module.
During the testing stage, some hard-to-find bugs were fixed.

  1. After we had a 100% test coverage, we started with mercilessly refactoring the code. Many methods were extracted and encapsulated, an XML element generation code was added and eventually, each RSS version backend became its own class. Finally, the parsing was made cleaner and more robust, while overcoming some of XML::Parser's inherent shortcomings.

For now, it seems the code is squeaky clean.

All these modifications were incorporated into version 1.29_02 of XML::RSS, which is a development version. Expect them in the stable XML::RSS version 1.30 soon.

I'd like to thank Ask for his co-operation and support; Paul Johnson for writing the Devel-Cover module; the TPF people ("Curtis "Ovid Poe and others) for accepting my grant, and for guiding me through the grant process; and all the people who reported bugs or supplied feedback.

Peace, Love, Camels and web feed mangling!

It's been a pleasure working with Shlomi and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish him every success in his future projects!

January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007 - Grant Updates

We have two grant updates (sort of) this time.

Adam Kennedy's "Extending PPI Towards a Refactoring Perl Editor" has no new news to report. This grant is currently stalled.

Shlomi Fish's work on "XML::RSS Cleanup", however, is going quite well. Read on for more information.

Well, I wrote two use.perl.org journal entries about XML-RSS that detail some
of my progress:

* "http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi+Fish/journal/32081"<http://use.perl.org/%7EShlomi+Fish/journal/32081>

* "http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi+Fish/journal/32121"<http://use.perl.org/%7EShlomi+Fish/journal/32121>

What's been accomplished:

1. Moving the data files from under examples/ to under t/data.

2. Some other build system tweaks.

3. Made all files that were left executable in the repository non-executable
as there's no reason for them to be so.

4. Added better test coverage, according to the input of Devel::Cover.

	- The as_rss_* functions now have full test coverage.

5. Fixed some bugs and made some of the code more correct.


* On Saturday I discovered that many pages on my homesite got link-spammed.
This is especially troubling because they are static HTML pages, which means
it involved an intrusion of some sort. Restoring everything and taking some
preventive measures occupied the majority of my non-work-related time since
then. Luckily, I've finished most of what I wanted to do in this regard, and
so I can soon return to XML-RSS.

My Next Plans:

1. Further increase the test coverage of XML-RSS, until a 100% test coverage
is reached.

2. See what I can do to close the remaining bugs in the XML-RSS RT Queue.

3. Refactor the XML-RSS code and improve its quality.

Anything I can be Helped With:

* Nothing in particular.

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