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December 08, 2005

December 8, 2005 - Working on reporting, working on conference representation

One of the things we're trying to improve over here is reporting. Not only do People Want To Know what it is that we're doing, but being a not-for-profit we have some regulatory needs to get our reporting act together. Over the past week I've been working on the reporting strategy for the Steering Committee.

Progress has been made on this front. I've created a draft reporting template that seems to have general acceptance within the Steering Committee and at the level of the Board. (I.e. the SC members seem happy to use it, and the Board people seem happy to accept it.) In case you're curious, here it is:

Something very like this will be used. We've also gotten a general agreement on the time-frame for this report. Dec. 31/2005 is the last day of the "current" reporting period (which goes back to... well, time immemorial in theory but probably 6 months in practice). On Jan. 1/2006 I will email the SC to ask people to start putting together their reports. I expect to receive completed reporting chunks from each working group head as of Jan. 15/2006. I then give myself 2 weeks to collate-and-otherwise-synthesize a finished report from that. So, the report will be ready for Jan. 28/2006.

The other thing that has my major attention right now is working on a policy regarding TPF representation conferences: which conferences we should send an "official" representative to, how to choose the right representative, and what he/she will do when there. There has been a lot of discussion on the SC mailing list on this point so fortunately I don't feel like I have to do all that much hard thinking along these lines. Mainly, I'll (once again) be synthesizing what so many of my SC colleagues have already said so well. I was hoping to have this out earlier this week, but now I'm looking more at, well, later this week.

December 01, 2005

December 1, 2005 - An unofficial welcome to the blog site


This might be the first blog posting entered. It's not the "inaugural announcement", though. Andy Lester, the TPF SC PR guy, is crafting that now and a link to it will be posted to all the usual locations when it's ready.

What this is all about

This blog is hosted at The Perl Foundation. We hope to open up more communication with the Perl community by talking, mostly informally, here.

As for what I'm doing typing here...

I've been involved there indirectly for a year, more directly for about 3 weeks as the new Steering Committee Chairman. One of the things that we've been talking about is how to be more transparent to the community and approachable, so we're setting up blogs so that we can ramble about what we're up for TPF and generally in life, too. It also gives readers the chance to chat with us here about anything we mention that might catch your eye.

Who I am

I'm just another Perl hacker, living and working in Toronto. I'm in my early (verging on mid) 30s, married, a recent homeowner. My undergrad degree is in applied maths, but maybe it's in astronomy. Depends on how I feel on any given day. I also did my MBA at U of T. (The 'T' is Toronto, of course.)

I've been working with Perl since 1994, coming to it from a Unix & C background from undergrad astrophysics hacking days. My work since then has almost always involved Perl in one way or another. I've hacked it for companies large and small, done some independent consulting, worked as a Perl corporate trainer, done a fair deal of conference speaking about Perl too. I've also contributed to a few Perl books.

I've been active with the Montreal and the Toronto Perl Mongers. In Toronto I organized Damian Conway lecture series in 2001, 2002 and 2004. I was also the conference chairman for YAPC::NA 2005 in Toronto. I covered a lot on this topic in an interview I gave for a few months ago -- "

What I do with The Perl Foundation

As I mentioned a bit earlier, I'm the Steering Committee Chairman. The Steering Committee is essentially composed of the heads of each working group. (Sometimes these are groups of one, sometimes they're bigger than that.) I like to call us the "working hands" of the Perl Foundation. While the executive level makes policy, the steering committee is responsible for jobs being done. My job is to help translate high-level policy into plans that the working groups can execute.

Steering Committee Activities

I'll briefly mention a few threads of conversation that have been going on in the Steering Committee lately.

  • We got the blog off the ground! (Thanks Robert, thanks Ask.)
  • We're trying to get ourselves on a regular reporting schedule, so that people have a better idea of the things we're trying to accomplish
  • Conference organizers (especially ones outside of North America) have been' asking us if we're able to send a representative to their conferences;

we're trying to work out how we can do this

  • We discussed the use of the TPF logo in conjuncture with non-TPF projects and the idea of a "this project blessed by TPM" program
  • Prompted by a German Wikipedia entry regarding TPF, we talked about making an English language one too (Jim Brandt put up a first version)
  • We've talked about ways that the SC can hold conference calls (i.e. voice)
  • We talked about a posting to regarding a flaw in a Perl application (webmin) and what was being done to fix the app, fix Perl,

and communicate the issues to people

  • We've talked about how we can make more people aware of the wealth of Perl community / culture sources they can tap into to improve their

Perl skills (e.g. a "perlcommunity" POD)

  • We're in the process of reviewing the projects that happened through the Summer of Code and trying to optimize our processes for participating in

future years

  • Allison presented the draft work on the Artistic License 2.0

It's been an active first 3 weeks on the TPF SC for me...

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