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January 29, 2007

January 29, 2007 - Time to prepare your presentations

It's the time of year to gather up all the cool stuff you've been working on and get it ready to show everyone else. The calls are out there for several conferences right now:

Wow, that's a lot of Perl to talk about.

January 26, 2007

January 26, 2007 - A Conference Toolkit (ACT) Goes Open Source

A while ago I blogged that I really wanted a Perl-based conference toolkit that YAPCs and other conferences could use so they didn't spend time hacking on the website when they should be organizing the conference. Well, the folks who work on ACT have been working to fulfill some of the items I presented and earlier today they officially announced that it is open source with a dual GPL/Artistic license.

You can access the code via their svn repository. Now anyone can look at and hack on the ACT code. We might even see some other groups using ACT to host their conference site.

Even better, the ACT developers offer to host Perl-related conferences on their server. The nice thing about this is they can re-use user accounts and other data in the database from one conference to the next. This will be nice for people who attend more than one Perl conference each year.

Several of next year's conferences going up on the ACT server and this will be the first time YAPC::NA is hosted on the ACT site.

The final step for this year's effort is to integrate ACT with the TPF payment system, and this work is underway. Stay tuned.

Thanks to the ACT developers for their work so far!

January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007 - Grant Updates

We have two grant updates (sort of) this time.

Adam Kennedy's "Extending PPI Towards a Refactoring Perl Editor" has no new news to report. This grant is currently stalled.

Shlomi Fish's work on "XML::RSS Cleanup", however, is going quite well. Read on for more information.

Well, I wrote two use.perl.org journal entries about XML-RSS that detail some
of my progress:

* "http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi+Fish/journal/32081"<http://use.perl.org/%7EShlomi+Fish/journal/32081>

* "http://use.perl.org/~Shlomi+Fish/journal/32121"<http://use.perl.org/%7EShlomi+Fish/journal/32121>

What's been accomplished:

1. Moving the data files from under examples/ to under t/data.

2. Some other build system tweaks.

3. Made all files that were left executable in the repository non-executable
as there's no reason for them to be so.

4. Added better test coverage, according to the input of Devel::Cover.

	- The as_rss_* functions now have full test coverage.

5. Fixed some bugs and made some of the code more correct.


* On Saturday I discovered that many pages on my homesite got link-spammed.
This is especially troubling because they are static HTML pages, which means
it involved an intrusion of some sort. Restoring everything and taking some
preventive measures occupied the majority of my non-work-related time since
then. Luckily, I've finished most of what I wanted to do in this regard, and
so I can soon return to XML-RSS.

My Next Plans:

1. Further increase the test coverage of XML-RSS, until a 100% test coverage
is reached.

2. See what I can do to close the remaining bugs in the XML-RSS RT Queue.

3. Refactor the XML-RSS code and improve its quality.

Anything I can be Helped With:

* Nothing in particular.

January 04, 2007

January 4, 2007 - Mango Grant Update

Chris Laco's Mango grant application work was delayed slightly, but he's now starting on it. Below is his latest grant update, as collected by his grant manager, Adrian Howard.

Well, it's that time of year. Time to pay the piper. :-)

Handel 1.0 and Handel-Storage-RDBO 0.01 are in a holding pattern waiting for releases of DBIC and RDBO, but they're done. Time to get the Mango train rolling.


  • setup SVN directory
  • file/folder layout in Catalyst
  • basic Mango::Web and Mango::Setup cat apps in same directory
  • Cat sessions are working
  • I18N plugins/files setup

In Progress:

  • Users/Roles schema, classes
  • Cat Auth plugin for Users/Roles
  • Provider class framework

Coming Up:

  • Cart/Order Schema/Providers
  • Products Schema/Providers

My over all goal for this month is to get the how-things-work bits working before I move on to writing web/set/admin UI pages.


I'm sure I could find info on Mango if I tried, but in the future could you please link to background info about the project? Thanks.


contributed by Chris Dolan on January 8, 2007 1:24 AM

Eek! Had I known the email would go straight to the blog, I would've included a little more detail, or at least decent spelling. :-)

The grant approvale is here: "Grant Approved: Mango"</2006/08/grant_approved_mango.html>.

There isn't much info on Mango at the moment, but there are a few bits in the wiki and there's always the Subversion repository.

contributed by Laco, Christopher H. on January 22, 2007 9:03 PM

January 04, 2007

January 4, 2007 - Grants Awards

Grant vote results are in and one grant was awarded. The first Perl Foundation grant of 2007 has been award to Shlomi Fish for resolving outstanding issues in XML::RSS. Shlomi has worked with Ask Bjørn Hansen, the module's maintainer, to resolve some bugs in it in the past and now plans to tackle the rest of the work. Rosellyn Thompson is the grant manager assigned to this grant.

Below is the original grant application.

Cleaning up XML::RSS: XML::RSS is the standard CPAN module for parsing and generating the various version of the RSS format. At the moment it suffers from many open bugs in its request tracker, possibly other bugs lurking, and a codebase of poor quality, which exhibits many poor coding conventions.

This project aims to spend some time closing bugs in XML::RSS, adding automated tests to it, making it more modular, and cleaning up its internals.


As a result of the project XML::RSS will:

  1. Have more tests.
  2. Have fewer bugs.
  3. Have a code of better quality, which will facilitate further developments.

Project Details

XML::RSS ( http://search.cpan.org/dist/XML-RSS/ ) is the standard CPAN module for parsing and generating the various versions of the RSS (="Really Simple Syndication") format. The module has been relatively unmaintained for a long time, and now suffers from over 30 open bugs in its rt.cpan.org queue ( http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bugs.html?Dist=XML-RSS ), a lot of duplicate code and other poor practices, and a small number of automated tests. All of this is especially troubling because XML::RSS is relied on by many CPAN distributions and other Perl programs (for example XML-Feed, Kwiki-RecentChangesRSS, Slashcode, Template-XML and Request Tracker (RT)), for their RSS-munging needs.

This project aims to remedy all this. I have already started fixing some of the reported bugs for it (see the top of http://search.cpan.org/src/ABH/XML-RSS-1.11/Changes ) and added some tests in the process. I did that work along with the current module maintainer (Ask Bjørn Hansen) and with his cooperation and endorsement. With this grant, I'd like to continue this work, and add more tests, fix bugs, and once I have a good test coverage, start refactoring the code and improving its quality, and maintainability.

Project Schedule

The project will take 1-2 months. I can begin work immediately.


I have worked with Perl since 1996, and have over 20 modules on CPAN. (and many other projects written in Perl). I have a lot of experience and working knowledge in C programming. I have contributed to many open source projects in the past, including ones that I initiated on my own, such that I joined as a co-developer and such that I adopted after some neglect by the original developer.

Aside from that, I have graduated from the Technion in Electrical Engineering in 2004 (cum laude).

Amount Requested: $1,500.

Shlomi Fish

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